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Product no.: 508
Wireless transmitter module for connection to a 230 V - and a dry contact. Use every switch as a radio transmitter with a feedback option.
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Product no.: 467

ITV-100 wireless expansion doubles the reach of all stations of Intertechno. Battery operated independent.


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Product no.: 395

Easy to use for perfect automation of switching sequences. 12 Ways per day for the minute circuit of 3 program types (single circuit, daily recurring switching and random switching) simulate presence.

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Product no.: 464

Intertechno outdoor wireless motion detector PIR-5000 for all radio receivers of intertechno. Weatherproof (IP 44) for the highest standards in the open.


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Product no.: 374

For the control of all IT-radio receiver.

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Product no.: 399
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Product no.: 126

The wall switch intertechno YWT-8500 is without any cost attached directly to the wall. Mounting also directly on glass, mirrors, tiles, marble or wood! Exchange and cross circuits are very easy.

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Product no.: 398
Offers countless opportunities by turning on and off during the opening and closing windows and doors.
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