intertechno Wireless Transmitter Module Dual ITS-23

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This transmitter has 2 ports and can be operated with a floating contact and with 230V. 2 possible 67 million codes stand for the highest security available. All self-learning radio receivers from intertechno can run.
Even dimmer, awnings, blinds or garage door openers and Gong. To encode the instructions of the selected radio receiver is observed. A slide switch for switching reversal enables selectively transmitting a one-off signal or when opening or closing of the contacts.

2 inputs are available:

1) 230V
a) To monitor and feedback: wireless message to an IT-radio receiver, if an electrical device (eg pump) is in operation. Message via siren, light, etc. for example if the freezer is without power.
b) zurgleichzeitigen additional circuit: Wireless Turn the floor lamp together with the overhead lights. Simultaneous switching of a fan with the lighting etc..

2) Potential free
All voltage free switch for remote control.
Light switches, thermostats, sensors, limit switches, gates, Rings and many more. (e.g. suitable as a water detector)

Replacement: 3 Volt CR 2032 battery is sufficient for approximately 20,000 circuits (lifetime approximately 3 years)


- Available from 03/12/12 -

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