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Product no.: 234

Wireless Security System with built-in telephone dialer.

Remaining stock without KR21 remote control (still included in the photo!)!

*** last X10 devices on offer! On 14.9.2019 only 3 sets left in stock! ***

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Product no.: 207

Marmitek home automation controller SC2800

*** Last X10 devices in stock! On 14.9.2019 only 1 device in stock! ***

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Product no.: 483

For the separate switching-off of 3 lamps and electrical appliances universally applicable. Also suitable for energy saving lamps and LEDs!
Total power of all connected consumers 3500 watts.
Up to 6 transmitters can be stored per output, so group switching functions are also possible.

Ideal for the needs of several switching possibilities.
Lamps, fairy lights, pumps, heaters, fans, etc.
In IP 68 can also be used very well in outdoor areas.

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Product no.: 534

VISTUS Video-Doorphone Sets
Outdoor Unit and Indoor Unit 3,5" (Surface-Mounted)
Video Doorphone with 3,5" colour TFT display with ands-free speaker system

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Product no.: 508
Wireless transmitter module for connection to a 230 V - and a dry contact. Use every switch as a radio transmitter with a feedback option.
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Product no.: 505
Transmit the music from you smartphone, tablet or laptop wireless to your BT Sound Receiver.
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Product no.: 477

InterTechno radio plug with automatic shut-3500T ITLR.

radio plug with adjustable time for a shutdown. For each type of lights and electrical appliances to a power of 3,500 watts.

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Product no.: 478

ITLR-3500 radio plug in soft-design.

For wireless control of all lights and electrical appliances to a power of 3,500 watts.

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Product no.: 471

IT-7000 - Self-learning radio gong set compatible with all intertechno wireless components. 3 settings for lighting and sound.

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can be shipped within 1 days

Product no.: 467

ITV-100 wireless expansion doubles the reach of all stations of Intertechno. Battery operated independent.


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Product no.: 424

Intertechno ITL-1000 radio-allrounder: Potential-free, therefore suitable for any control voltage. Many applications due to shutdown.


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Product no.: 423

ITL-230 radio module On / Off: World Patent in 2-wire technology! Allows manual switching or remote control of lighting up. 230 watts - for indoor and outdoor.


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Product no.: 473

The DS18 door/window sensor works with any X10 security system. This sensor sends a wireless radio frequency signal to the main console when a door (window) or/and the hard wired input are opened.

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Product no.: 4
Old price 5.01 €
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Product no.: 463
Room temperature controller NC - normally closed. Mechanical analog, volt-free switch, which when exceeding the set temperature breaks the scale closed circuit.
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Product no.: 455

The Multimedia Remote 8in1 replaces the remote controls virtually all devices (TV, VCR, satellite receiver, DVD, Audio and decoder)


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