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Product no.: 234

Wireless Security System with built-in telephone dialer.

Remaining stock without KR21 remote control (still included in the photo!) and without operating instructions!

*** on March 3rd, 2023 only 1 pc. in stock! ***

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Product no.: 207

Marmitek home automation controller SC2800

*** Last X10 devices! Only available as a set (Art.234) ***

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Product no.: 534

VISTUS Video-Doorphone Sets
Outdoor Unit and Indoor Unit 3,5" (Surface-Mounted)
Video Doorphone with 3,5" colour TFT display with ands-free speaker system

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Product no.: 508
Wireless transmitter module for connection to a 230 V - and a dry contact. Use every switch as a radio transmitter with a feedback option.
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Product no.: 505
Transmit the music from you smartphone, tablet or laptop wireless to your BT Sound Receiver.
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Product no.: 471

IT-7000 - Self-learning radio gong set compatible with all intertechno wireless components. 3 settings for lighting and sound.

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can be shipped within 1 days

Product no.: 467

ITV-100 wireless expansion doubles the reach of all stations of Intertechno. Battery operated independent.


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Product no.: 423

ITL-230 radio module On / Off: World Patent in 2-wire technology! Allows manual switching or remote control of lighting up. 230 watts - for indoor and outdoor.


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Product no.: 473

The DS18 door/window sensor works with any X10 security system. This sensor sends a wireless radio frequency signal to the main console when a door (window) or/and the hard wired input are opened.

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Product no.: 4
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Product no.: 463
Room temperature controller NC - normally closed. Mechanical analog, volt-free switch, which when exceeding the set temperature breaks the scale closed circuit.
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Product no.: 455

The Multimedia Remote 8in1 replaces the remote controls virtually all devices (TV, VCR, satellite receiver, DVD, Audio and decoder)


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